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Microstock Upload Tool - Help

Simply watch the ‘getting started video’ or read the step-by-step list below so that you can quickly get many images uploaded to multiple microstock agencies. Gettig started

1. Getting started

  • First register and confirm your registration, we will then send a confirmation mail to your email address.


Free Account


microstock agency
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2. Select your agencies

  • Click on the MYSTOCKS link to start with selecting your agencies
add agency
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  • click on the agency Edit button to connect with
  • look at the description and insert your Username and Password
  • click the check button (left side from the save button) to check if you have entered the correct agency FTP login data
  • when you successfully connect, the text "Connected to with username" appears 
  • save the connection


upload images
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3. Upload your pictures

  • upload your images (drag & drop is a very good feature)

  • click Start Upload 

  • upload multiple files is possible

edit jpg meta data
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4. Edit your metadata

  • click on Edit in menu

  • click on the Edit button 

  • on the left side in the edit section you will see the status icons if your metadata is correct

  • in case if your meta has some errors the icon becomes a red background color, please point over the icon to see the error tooltip so that you can try and solve the problem

deploy images
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5. Distribute your images

  • click on Deploy in menu

  • select the images and click the deploy button

  • Hint: If you are a new member of an agency they may have an upload limit. We will not be able to deliver the image once this limit has been exceeded.

copy jpg meta data
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6. Copy meta data from one image to another

  • Important: first save your work!

  • click the Edit button from the source image
  • select the checkbox(s) behind title, description, copyright, keywords or categories

  • select the target images where the metadata should be copied (outside the Edit area)

  • click the copy metadata button left side from the save button