Microstockagency Shutterstock assessment

Shutterstock has been one of the leading microstock agencies since 2003. At Shutterstock most images are sold over the subscription license, leading to higher sells for new uploads. The "On-Demand" selling type is also available.  

Uploading with our tools is very easy - edit your metadata, send your picture(s) to the agency, open your contributor page on shutter, choose your categories, save and send for review, finished! Unfortunately, Shutterstock does not support the IPTC categories in the JPG header. Should Shutterstock make this available in the future then we will be able to automate further. 

There is excellent usability with shutter and the complete upload process is very fast.


To optimize the category issue, you should upload 10-12 images with the same category, then you can select all pictures and will only have to insert the category once.

Uploaded images are reviewed within 72 hours. This is very fast for a huge agency.



0,25 US Cents one Image, up to sales of 500$
0,33 US Cents one Image, up to sales of 3.000$
0,36 US Cents one Image, up to sales of 10.000$
0,38 US Cents one Image, starts sales over 10.000$
On-Demand-Sells: size $0,81 and $2,85 one Image
Extended Licences: > $28 one Image
Single&Other: > 0,65 US Cents one Image



Shutterstock is one of the largest and most popular microstock agencies in the world, offering a vast collection of over 350 million high-quality images, videos, and music clips at affordable prices. The platform has a reputation for providing diverse content, with a wide range of categories and styles available for customers to choose from. Shutterstock also offers a contributor program, allowing photographers and artists to earn money by licensing their content to the platform. With its user-friendly interface, extensive library, and competitive pricing, Shutterstock is a top choice for both buyers and sellers in the stock media industry.

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